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Great (horrible) history show!

Thanks for making Horrible History! It makes my day better when I get to listen to one of the shows! I love history and when you throw the horrible in, it makes it that much better to listen to!

Humblebrag, I’m addicted to this show

Let’s face it–there are thousands of true crime podcasts. But there’s only one that is hosted by the hilariously entertaining, appropriately irreverent, and exceedingly amusing duo of Emily and Rachel.

Not only will you hear history’s gruesome tales of famous (and some not-so-famous) villains, scoundrels, and incidents, but you’ll learn about that quaint coffee shop that Emily wants to visit next time she finds herself in Belarus on a Tuesday afternoon in the fall. The mix of playful and serious, story and reaction, truth and compassion is the gem that gives Horrible History its shine.

If you like to laugh (like the “my stomach hurts” kind) while learning about stolen babies, serial killers, rapists, sinners, creeps, miscreants, Rasputin, and many of history’s more ghastly people and events, this podcast is for you. You’ll find yourself wanting to have a glass of wine with your new favorite true crime podcast hosts.

Wonderful Show

Entertaining and educational. Emily and Rachel are such fun. This show will be big!

Fulfilling my morbid obsession

As a fellow anxiety case who has an obsession with horrible things, I love this. If you’re wondering what makes this pod different from others in the true crime genre, it’s the hosts – they are both hilarious and personable, and in addition to that, they have a great chemistry together. Tie all of that up in a neat quality editing bow, and you’ve got yourself an awesome show that will last. I can’t wait to keep listening! And then spend all of my time going down Google rabbit holes as a result.

New Best Friends

Did you burn through all of your regular true crime podcasts in quarantine? Do you love horrible things that make you morbidly curious? Do you know about anything that happened before 1987?? This is your podcast. Let Emily and Rachel be your new best friends and give this a listen!

Love it!

I am loving this podcast! It’s kind of a cross between My Favorite Murder, Dark Poutine, and The Dollop.

Press play already!

Check out this great podcast! A little humor, little darkness, little thrill all wrapped up into one!

Awesome! Great in depth stories

These young ladies’ storytelling had me laughing on moment and morbidly entranced the next! They’re both fun and relatable as people. I love a good story mixed with good natured dark humor! Well done ladies, regular listener here; wonder what’s next!

Morbidly fun

So many fun quips. These girls are empathetic, but their comments along with the stories are darkly humorous. It’s an oddly satisfying mix. They do their research but they love the F bomb. Brains and bad language. What’s not to love?